Guys! Great news! We are going to have a server event on Team Fortress Two on October 18th (This coming Wednesday) At 10pm UK Time (See Timezones below if you aren't from there)

The Events will take place on Team Fortress Two, find us on the Brothercraft Discord ( to chat and enjoy the games with us! 

Or if you prefer you can watch the events live on our Twitch at!

I hope to see you there!



Pacific Standard Time: 2pm

Centeral Standard Time: 4pm

Eastern Standard Time: 5pm

Hey folks,

I come bearing news of the new staffing team and structure following the recent successful recruitment!



Super Admin












Trial Mod



No doubt some of you will have notice the slight change at the top there. I have decided that the time is right for me to step down as Owner of Brothercraft, although, I don't particularly want this to detract from the achievements of the new and existing staff in this post so I will write my goodbyes in a forum post at some point. Along with this there are some changes to the structure of staffing, Monkey will indeed be your new Owner, but the Super Admins will have more expanded roles to take a lot of the pressure from him, and I have stayed around as SA to help with staffing manpower and to take some of the load off. That means that if you have a problem then PLEASE DO NOT just go straight to Monkey as he might not actually be the person that deals with that problem - speak to ANY staff member and the relevant person will sort it out.

Thank you all for a great time as Owner and make sure to be nice to Monkey, he has done this community a great favour by agreeing to step up to the decision-making position of staff whilst also juggling other aspects of life.

See ya for the last time (sort of), folks!

~Skegs/Sheepy c-:

TheMuhCow Elder *GASP* The sheep is now mortal again

CMP Revamp Finished

Skegnas48 a posted Sep 13, 17

Hey folks!

Just a quick little message to let you know that the revamp of CMP has been finished and it is now on 1.12.1. The new additions include an overhauled ranking system (explanation coming soon on BC Wiki!) and a plethora of awesome new plugins to help you build a masterpiece! See the previous post for some indications of what to expect on there! c-:

Happy Building!


CMP Revamp!!

Skegnas48 a posted Sep 10, 17

Heya folks,

So with SMP pretty much up and running I thought it should be time to turn our attention to CMP and do a solid revamp on there as well! Therefore I will hopefully be closing CMP some time this week (with any luck tomorrow - 11th) with some new cool plugins allowing builders to build more inventive creations and to allow better player interaction on the server. We will also be completely redoing the CMP ranking system to one that hopefully should be a bit less confusing and offers more flexibility for different building styles and abilities.

There WILL NOT be a world reset for CMP, so don't fret about losing any builds you have already started, but as mentioned there WILL be a rank reset (bar donors on the donor section on the website as with SMP).

To give you a quick rundown of the plugins that should hopefully be making an appearance we have: create custom armour stands (including moving their limbs), placeable secret blocks (such as 6-sided logs and mushroom blocks), editable signs, an in-game banner and dyed leather armour creator, a more robust WorldEdit plugin to hopefully reduce lag when it's used, a decorative head database with over 9,000 heads, particle balloons, parties, friends, the ability to turn online pictures into maps using a command, among a few more!!

The new ranking system will be split between pixel artists and regular builds. The pixel artists will have a ranking system similar to now (without the build checkpoints) where you will need to build a certain sized pixel art to progress to the next rank. There will be more ranks for pixel artists with perks at different times to accommodate the different build style. For regular builds, this will be split into 3 groups. Everyone will go to the Origamist rank where you will need to complete a specific build, staff will then talk with you and take your build into consideration and you'll be put into one of 3 ranking 'streams' - i, ii, and iii. The ranks in these streams will be broadly the same but will have different requirements for ranking up and may have slightly different perks. At certain points you can try and move to a higher stream should you wish but this isn't necessary.

Hopefully I've explained that in an ok manner, but we'll probably put a better explanation on the wiki so don't fret if it doesn't make sense yet. The important part to take away is the awesome new plugins to help you build even more amazing things!!

~Skegs c-:

Greetings Brothercraftians!! It's that magical time once again...

Staff Recruitment is now open!

*Cuts ceremonial ribbon*

You have 2 weeks until midnight (UK time) of September 24th to submit your application. You can find the application form through the Recruitment tab at the top right of the website.

Best of luck!

- Happeh

SMP Re-opening!!!

Skegnas48 a posted Aug 20, 17

The time is here! SMP has now re-opened with a new world, new plugins, and new gameplay features!!

With features such as Towny, Minigames, and a Hardcore world added there should hopefully be a lot to keep you entertained!

Some things to note are some minor bugs (currently afking will cause you to be kicked to the hub when you return - I'm hoping an update to Bungee should fix this) and minor features that haven't yet been implemented (such as /bcbae and survival games) but will hopefully be making appearances in the coming weeks!

Please also note that to keep things fair all kits (except for money kits) will be disabled for 3 weeks so that hopefully some players won't be at much more of an advantage than others at this time.

If you notice anything that's yet to be changed then don't hesitate to tell staff and we'll get it sorted ASAP. Donors if you also contact staff then your ranks will be given back to you as long as we can confirm that you are entitled to it (mostly this will be done through the donor page in the community tab above).

See you all online soon!

~Skegs c-:

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