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Wed at 18:24
severs down for a bit then
Wed at 18:24
I guess
Wed at 18:25
Have you started on the server yet master?
Wed at 18:25
has it reset agian?
Wed at 18:26
Wed at 18:26
then yes i have
Wed at 18:27
looks like it may restart in 11 days though
Wed at 18:27
Wed at 18:27
the poll votes
Wed at 18:27
oh right
Wed at 18:28
Wed at 18:30
hopefully people that have bought diamond rank get to keep if it resets
Wed at 18:31
server down?
Wed at 19:56
is it because of the no rank thing?
Wed at 19:57
not sure
Wed at 19:57
Wed at 21:32
@masterjohndsam Anything bought from the donor shop will be kept.
Thu at 16:23
umm i just logged on and my rank is gone... is this the same for all donors?
Thu at 16:25
infact i cant do anycommands
server down its the end of the world!!!
3 months of no school yay
well im going to go sleep for 3 months bye <3
Fri at 14:27
Is the server supposed to be publicly open?
is the server still down?
14 hours ago
yeah, server is still down
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*server update* Currently there is a plugin that went out to date (with no current update for 1.8.*) please be patient with us while we wait this out for a update, the dev team is currently working on it, so hopefully it won't take long. Thank you.
I think it would be good if we can have some of are stuff back and not having to start all over again.
Guys make sure to vote in the poll! It's a pretty important one. Just scroll down below this :)
Not much my good man, not much at all. How's it going my good man, how's it going?
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