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Build Contest Winners!!!

SynisterSavior ElderCom Mgr posted Sun at 20:31

Greetings everyone!

For the last couple of weeks, we have been holding a Build Contest on CMP!!

And now that all of the judges have submitted their scores, I am very proud to announce the winners.

In Third place, earning a Team Comp Podium

Happyhunter123 and Mdos6 with 24.9 points out of a possible 30

In Second place, earning a Team Comp Podium and a copy of Contraption Maker on Steam

rgoodfellow1 with 25 points out of a possible 30

Goodfellow, you will need to add Skegnas on Steam by following this link:

And The winners of the contest, earning a Team Comp Podium and a Brothercraft Store Discount Coupon

Bl0ckwarri0r and TheThubGoof with 26.5 points out of a possible 30

I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone that competed in the contest, and also the 4 members of staff that served as Judges for this contest:


You guys were a ton of help, and I couldn’t have done it without you.

Now, however, I’m turning things over to you, the community. I want to hear your suggestions for what our next Brothercraft event is going to be. I’ll be putting a thread up in the Events forum tomorrow where you can post your recommendations for events. I will talk with the staff about every suggestion we get, and form a shortlist of events that we can feasibly put on. Once we have that list, a poll will be put up on the forums and the event with the most votes after a week will be the next big Brothercraft event.

Again, thank you to everyone who competed for giving us judges such a hard time scoring your builds. So much so, that there were only 6.5 points separating the top 6 arenas.There were some excellent arenas, but we could only choose 3.

Congratulations to the winners, and I hope to see you all at the next event.

Stay Classy


Ren3697 a Well done all, and extra congrats to the winners :p I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the builds, you'v...
Skegnas48 a Congrats to the winners and all those who entered, the builds were awesome and it was genuinely a very close competition...

Minigames this weekend!

Skegnas48 a posted Fri at 22:30

Hey folks,

Minigames this weekend will take place at 8pm UK time on Saturday the 27th August (tomorrow). Do come along if you can, it's great fun! Remember to try and be on the teamspeak as well if you can as it makes life much easier for me! :-P


Possible Server Downtime

Skegnas48 a posted Aug 14, 16

Hey folks,



Just a heads up that there may be some server downtime on Monday 15th (tomorrow, sorry for the late notice) as we may be changing hosts. I will try to keep the downtime to a minimum and if it eats into the time for the CMP build comp (enter here: CMP Building Comp Registration) then we will add time at the end to make up for it, Thank you for your patience in advance.

The CMP build comp will now run until the 24th August 6pm UK time.

~Skegs :-)

WoodwardWarwick Tried logging in, says im not whitelisted.
WoodwardWarwick Lets hope our new host treats the community well. ...and hopfully dungeons are here soon

Sorry about the delay on this one. I do the editing and have been quite busy these last couple of weeks. Anywho, here it is, ladies and gentlemen! With the voice of an angel, Crazman91 guides us through the most important changes and topics throughout the last month. Guest appearances include or resident sheep and owner, Skegnas48, and a quick word from MonkeyKing112. I hope you enjoy. :)

As some of you may already have heard, the Brothercraft staff team has an announcement to make! The big news, which the title to this post has no doubt already spoiled, is that we now can access...


This feature has been requested from you, the members of our community, for quite some time now and has finally been made possible. A huge thank you goes out to our very own Sheep, Skegnas48, and the voice of our caek, not to mention a true comrade, Crazman91. They have willingly thrown money at their computer screens, giving us full access to a Mineplex Minigames server.

Practical Information

As mentioned this will be done through the popular Minecraft community known as Mineplex, meaning that we will be required to change servers whenever a minigame event takes place. Below you will find a guide on how to access the server. It is important to note that the server will only be open when Skegnas48 or another designated staff member is hosting the minigames. Furthermore, the server will be whitelisted so contact a staff member or other participating players to be allowed through.

During these events we will be making use of our TeamSpeak (TS) server, and we strongly recommend that those joining do the same! Many of the minigames are teambased, making voice communication quite handy as well as making whitelisting easier. Use the TS plugin on our frontpage to your advantage. And if you haven't done so yet, click here to download the program.

How to Connect to the Minigames Server

Click on the link at the end of each step for visual representation. 

Step 1

Add to your server browser for ease of access like so

Step 2

Once you join the server, type /server Skegnas48-1, which will send you to Skegs' server when it's up like so.

Step 3


Step 4

Have a good time! :D

We will have the first event on Saturday 13th August around 8pm UK time.

DISCLAIMER: We have no affiliation with Mineplex, this is made possible through donor ranks on the Mineplex servers allowing a player to make a private server.

Englian Congratz on making this happen, guys! Keep up the good work!
MonkeyKing112 +1 to having Greenie do all future announcements Also hype hype. Woohoo guys!
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