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Spoopy Halloween Special!

Skegnas48 a posted 57 mins ago

Hey folks (boo),

To celebrate the spoopiest time of the year we're holding some Halloween events! These are being held from 7pm UK time this weekend - Saturday 29th October - and involve a terrifying trifecta (*spoopy spider noises*):

1. Staff Hunt in a goulishly tricky arena (*count chocula vampire noises*)

2. A skin competition to show off your hideously spoopy new look (Ahh!)

3. A Harry Potter inspired maze where you have to find the diamond whilst dodging guardians with magic and monsters off all sorts. Try not to get lost or look too sheepish... (*witch cackle*)

The winners will obviously rewarded with a treat (or trick if we so feel inclined c-:<). So find your eyes, paint your face and grab your broomsticks witches and wizards and join, if you dare... (*MWHAHAHAHAHA*)

~Skegs (*sheep noise*)

(Very impressed with myself for being able to think of 6 things to try and scare you with as you're reading, didn't think I'd get 1!)

Build Trials Open

Skegnas48 a posted Oct 16, 16

Hey folks,

For those who have put in a build team application, the trials are now open. If you go to CMP and do /warp buildtrials you will be taken to a 100x100 area with your name on where you can build. Check the rules at the warp to see what you are expected to build (feel free to add anything extra not listed on that sign, make it realistic).

For anyone else who still wishes to put in an app to join the build team, I will keep the applications open until this Wednesday (19th). Speak to myself or another staff member if you want to take part in this.

Good luck and happy building to those taking part!


Build Team Trials

Skegnas48 a posted Oct 10, 16

Hey folks,

This is a heads up for those that have applied for build team that the trials will start on SMP on the 16th October. I'll set up a place where you will need to build something of your choice to fit a theme that will be announced at the time. PLEASE NOTE: You won't be able to leave the build trial until you are done as you'll be in creative mode. The trials will last a week, so if anyone else wants to apply for build team then you have about a week and a half to do so before I close them for good.

Happy building!

~Skegs :-)

SMP Back Open

Skegnas48 a posted Oct 8, 16

Quick update to let you all know that SMP is now open again. Apologies for closing it as soon as it came back up after the host issues but we saw a couple of players had lost some data (their inventories), including myself. This should be fixed now with data from a backup but you may have lost some items, if so then let a staff member know and we can fix that (we know who lost the data so no trying to be cheeky anyone!).


Hey Folks,

So, I made the terrible mistake of letting Ren post a picture of me in the staff skype chat (we do actually work in there, we promise). For those of you that have seen Green's interpretation of my two pictures in the 'Faces of The Server' forum thread, it will be no surprise that within 2 minutes a meme version of the picture appeared.

This gave me an idea! So, if you head to the forum thread below you will find the original photo.

I want to see as many memes of that compeltly embarassing photo as possible in 2 weeks. The best one will get a prize at the end of that.

Get meming and make sure to keep 'em classy!


(Greenie's attempt)

Congratulations to SassySue2162 who has won the 50% off coupon for voting this month!

Get voting for October and you could win it as well as helping the server! c-:

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