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Hey guys and gals, It’s Monkeh here. I’m just here to be that person and remind everyone to be safe online. That goes for those young beautiful monkeys and old lazy sheep. Never give out personal information to someone you don’t know.

In addition you should never share your minecraft account password with anyone, One for the account’s security, and two most servers won’t unban you just because “My friend was on my account when that happened, it wasn’t me” so be safe and keep your accounts secure.

Going along with that you shouldn’t give out information like full names or addresses to people you don’t know, and NEVER agree to meet someone you don’t know regardless of who they claim to be. And when giving out emails, Skypes or other social media (Facebook is boring anyways) make sure it is someone you trust with whatever information is available through those, time zones, ages, cities, and even phone numbers can be public even on skype if you have it set that way! So be sure to check your privacy settings on all social platforms.

TL;DR: Make sure to be smart online and not give out personal information to people.


One last thing. We here at the staff are aware that people are not always as they seem (Skegs isn’t a real sheep). If you are having issues whether that be at home, school, or personal issues with your identity, self esteem or otherwise we encourage you to find a close friend or family member to confide in and talk to about what is going on in your life and what troubles you, there are also multiple free call help hotlines to help people who are going through hardships in their lives, which I will list below for those who are interested.

Alternatively if you feel there is absolutely no one for you to go to we at the Brothercraft staff team are here for you. Below will be listed direct contact information and names for anyone in need of help. Do not feel obligated to add or talk to us, but you are free to for anything (We are pretty cool people). All conversations will stay completely confidential between you and the staff member (Unless you wanna post a funny comment we make on twitter) however, your first port of call should be a trusted friend or family member if at all possible.

TL;DR: If you need help talk to a friend or family member, call a help hotline or talk to us, we are here for you. (see contact info below).



Monkeh: Daniel - Skype: ZeeMonkeyKing

Ren: Lauren - Skype: Ren3697mc

Skegs: Keagan - Message on website

Ark: Jack - Skype: live:jack.sealey_2

Hera: Nessa, Trans - Skype: aaron.hill5428

Note - While we do have contact information listed above, we have taken measures to minimize our personal risk. We at brothercraft staff still do not encourage giving out personal or contact information to untrusted individuals or groups.

Below are contact resources for thoughs dealing with hardships, most are for US and UK citizens, to find help centers for your country follow the instructions below.

Website with list of hotlines, including bullying, depression, mental health, suicide and grief/loss hotlines to help

- - Mostly US

- - Mostly UK

-For countries not on these lists google "Help Hotlines" to find a hotline in your country or search "-your hardship- help centers"


Resources I want to bring special attention to are:

National Emergency Services Number

Your country's emergency services number, such as 911, 999, 000, 112 or others. To find your country's emergency services number google "Emergency Services Telephone Number" to find it.

Bullying UK (UK only)
0808 800 2222
Crisis Call Center (US only)
800-273-8255 or text "ANSWER" to 839863

National Suicide Hotline (US only)
800-SUICIDE (784-2433)
800-442-HOPE (4673)

Trans Lifeline (US & Canada)
U.S.:(877) 565-8860
Canada: (877) 330-6366
This hotline is staffed by volunteers who are all trans identified and educated in the range of difficulties transgender people experience.

LGBT National Youth Talkline (US only)
800-246-PRIDE (7743)
4 p.m. to 12 a.m. EST, Monday to Friday
12 p.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Saturday

jordanacrbutler9 Nonsense! Of course Skeg is a real sheep. Do you take us for fools?


Skegnas48 a posted Mar 23, 17

That dreaded time of the year has come again when most staff and many players have their end of year exams. One can only hide away in Minecraft for so long before the dreaded demon of a degree or school catches up to you. This, of course, means that many of us cannot commit as much time as we would otherwise like to the server and playing (I know I'm far behind where I should be with notes). Therefore, expect a decreased staff presence on the servers over the next month or two. Staff are all volunteers and it has always been an important part of the role to make sure to put real life first and something that I've actively encouraged in my time as Owner, and now is no exception. We've made sure to make each other aware of exam times and I will be coming up with a rota of 'staff member to go to if there is an issue' while others are busy doing much more boring things.

If you do have a problem then, naturally, make sure to find one of us. If no staff are online then you are welcome to message one of us through the website but bear in mind that response times will likely be slower. Also, do not be afriad to message any of us, as even if that staff member doesn't have time to deal with it, then they can pass a message onto other staff that are available to deal with it in our staff chat.

Thanks in advace for all your patience and see you on the 17th May c-:


BL0ckWArri0r Elder Done with my exams so you can make me temp owner kthxbai
Brother_Oscar Oh my God why does it have to be this time of year again. Im not ready to graduate High School! (JK pls kill me I hate m...

BC Wiki!!

Skegnas48 a posted Mar 13, 17

Hey folks,

I promised you guides for MassiveLock and Crazy Enchantments and here they are! Staff have put in a lot of work to bring you the new BC Wiki!!

BC Wiki is a collation of guides and information pages that will be made to help players with getting plugins to work and with gameplay features on BC. You can get to it by following the link at the top right of the website. From there if you use the drop down 'Wiki Menu' and click on page list then you can browse the different guides made on a range of topics. If you have an problem with a plugin then this should answer all of your questions!

There'll also be a forum made about it in the near future, so you can suggest new topics and help contribute ideas to them. Remember to comment on the wiki pages if you spot a mistake or just want to say how great it is!

~Skegs c-:


Skegnas48 a posted Mar 5, 17

Hey Folks,

Just an update to let you know that the servers will be running on Minecraft version 1.11.2! I'm currently waiting for the host to sort that out for us but there are a couple of issues with updating, these are of course, plugins not working. Therefore, we've had to remove a couple of plugins: Custom Enchantments and LWC (the chest autolock thing) have been removed. Don't fret though! We have replacements! Also just a side note, sorry for no warning with this update, I wasn't sure if I'd even have time to do it today.

Custom Enchantments: This has been removed completely as the Dev has given up and run off to Barbados (ok maybe not that second part) but is replaced by Crazy Enchantments. There are differences in the way these two work. The main difference is that unless I'm missing something in the config (I've quadrupal checked) YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO GET THE ENCHANTS FROM USING AN ENCHANTING TABLE! Instead you will need to use /ce and choose one of the common, rare or legendary options which will give you a randomised book. Right clicking with the book over your desired item will apply the ce to it. You can also remove enchants (with some chance of failure) and combine books from the /ce menu. There will be a guide going up on the website over the next few days but until then if you ask either myself, Monkey or Ren. With this ALL ITEMS WITH OLD PURPLE CES WILL BE REPLACED BY AN ADMIN OR ABOVE IF YOU BRING IT TO US FOR THE MONTH AFTER THIS POST GOES UP, THERE IS NO LIMIT ON THE NUMBER OF ITEMS YOU CAN GET REPLACED SO DON'T FRET ABOUT YOUR GOD GEAR. Some enchants are not the same and in that case the best option will be applied.

LWC: This completely conked out with 1.11 and proceeded to take a few other plugins with it as long as it was present. Therefore, we have moved to MassiveLock (which comes highly recommended). However, this plugin is quite tricky to use at first and once again a guide will be going up on the website in the near future (sensing a theme here c-; ). The thing to note with this plugin is that ANY CHESTS OUTSIDE OF A GRIEFPREVENTION OR SPECIFIC WORLDGUARD CLAIM WILL BE UNLOCKED BY DEFAULT (including at the market). This means that you will actively have to lock each chest (I know...). This can be a bit tricky to do as mentioned, so I suggest that for all private chests (ones only you will access, e.g. chests at your base) you use /lock create and then either /lock punch or /lock tool to apply the lock (left click to apply and right click to remove). With any shops, public or donation chests (yes it allows all of those options!) then you should use /lock create [put a name relating to the chest here (e.g. stoneshop)], use the punch or tool command to apply the lock and then use /lock mode edit [public/donation/shop]. This last command will turn all of the chests with the same name as the previous chest you just locked to the specified type. You will also see some particles denoting what type of chest it is (red = private, yellow = shop, purple = donation and green = public), these can be turned off with /lock visualize. Bear in mind that each lock will cost you $3 (each sign or anything attached to the chest that can be locked adds another $3). Once again, ask myself if you need anymore help with it until the guide is up.

New Additions: Finally, some new additions. As requested by Oscar, sky islands have been reintroduced. These can be accessed using /island. If you need any further help with that plugin then your best option is /island help as I haven't had too much time to play around with it. Do let staff know if there are any issues. We'll also be looking to putting another type of minigame on the server in the near future, but for now that's spoilers ;-)


Brother_Oscar So I was messing around on the server this morning and I tried to use the new /island and /island help commands. The onl...
Brother_Oscar The amount of capital letters scares me
ljbastow How long will the whitelist be in place? I was a little surprised to wake up this morning after 12 hours and still not b...


Skegnas48 a posted Feb 13, 17

Hey folks,

I come bearing news of all da events! 

Event Da First:

Valentines Day Build Competition! Starting on St Valentine's day and open for 2 weeks we'll be having a build competition on CMP with the usual sorts of prizes up on offer - steam games, pets and particles and maybe even a rank. Aren't I good to you lot? c-: The theme for the comp will simply be: Love (so build your interpretation of it). Comment below if you would like to take part and I'll make sure you have a plot in the build comp world, I'll keep it open until the end of the competition so you can join whenever you want if you're brave enough! Best of luck to everyone.

Event Da Second:

Further from our forum market research a week or two ago, Syn will be hosting some friendly Rocket League matches this Sunday at 8pm UK time. Details will always go on the Steam group so make sure to join it (the steam icon to the right on this page) for first information on new events and changes to events. We will most likely also be on either the Teamspeak or the Discord but which has not been decided yet so keep an eye out. It will be great fun so come along if you can.

This event will also form the beginning of what should be regular weekly events for the community on games other than Minecraft (in addtion to minigames and normal events on the MC servers) at the same time. Once again, keep an eye out for further games on here or, better, on the Steam group (you get a notification whenever a new event is made). The other games involved will be announced in due course.

See you all there,

~Skegs c-:

Brother_Oscar This is VERY VERY late but I will participate. My build is almost done anyways. I hope you'll find it quite &qu...
Explosiv3Gam1ng o I'll try this build comp, no guarantees for a good build<3
Skegnas48 a You two have yer plots on the buildcomp world c-:

By popular demand from members of the community and the fact it is free, we now have an official Brothercraft Discord server for your gaming pleasure.

It's laid out very similarly to the ts server (almost exactly in fact) but there are a couple of differences. You will need a Member tag to talk in the text chats and use the voice chats - ask a staff member for this and make sure you are registered on the website. The mature text chat will also be hidden by default for most. Should you wish to use it then ask a member of staff and this can be arranged but note that this might be taken away with no notice if you break the chat rules in there.

Now all the boring stuff is out of the way, follow the link below to join the server:

Brothercraft Discord Server

~Skegs c-:

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