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Skegnas48 a posted Feb 13, 17

Hey folks,

I come bearing news of all da events! 

Event Da First:

Valentines Day Build Competition! Starting on St Valentine's day and open for 2 weeks we'll be having a build competition on CMP with the usual sorts of prizes up on offer - steam games, pets and particles and maybe even a rank. Aren't I good to you lot? c-: The theme for the comp will simply be: Love (so build your interpretation of it). Comment below if you would like to take part and I'll make sure you have a plot in the build comp world, I'll keep it open until the end of the competition so you can join whenever you want if you're brave enough! Best of luck to everyone.

Event Da Second:

Further from our forum market research a week or two ago, Syn will be hosting some friendly Rocket League matches this Sunday at 8pm UK time. Details will always go on the Steam group so make sure to join it (the steam icon to the right on this page) for first information on new events and changes to events. We will most likely also be on either the Teamspeak or the Discord but which has not been decided yet so keep an eye out. It will be great fun so come along if you can.

This event will also form the beginning of what should be regular weekly events for the community on games other than Minecraft (in addtion to minigames and normal events on the MC servers) at the same time. Once again, keep an eye out for further games on here or, better, on the Steam group (you get a notification whenever a new event is made). The other games involved will be announced in due course.

See you all there,

~Skegs c-:

Explosiv3Gam1ng I'll try this build comp, no guarantees for a good build<3
Skegnas48 a You two have yer plots on the buildcomp world c-:
Happyhunter123 I wanna build some love, it's the only way I'd get some! wait what...

By popular demand from members of the community and the fact it is free, we now have an official Brothercraft Discord server for your gaming pleasure.

It's laid out very similarly to the ts server (almost exactly in fact) but there are a couple of differences. You will need a Member tag to talk in the text chats and use the voice chats - ask a staff member for this and make sure you are registered on the website. The mature text chat will also be hidden by default for most. Should you wish to use it then ask a member of staff and this can be arranged but note that this might be taken away with no notice if you break the chat rules in there.

Now all the boring stuff is out of the way, follow the link below to join the server:

Brothercraft Discord Server

~Skegs c-:

Updates, Updates, Updates

Skegnas48 a posted Jan 23, 17

Hey Folks,

Today is one of those gradual update days where I post about all the things that are ready and can be released now. One of them is quite big and I'm sure you'll be happy to have, but that's spoilers ;-)

Update the First - As requested in the Community Issues thread /recipe has been added to Adventurer and more importantly, lift signs are now on the server. There are buy signs in the market that sell path blocks for $100, one of these blocks must be traded with an Admin or above who can then make the lift signs for you. For this, the first path block for a new elevator will get you two floors, from then each additional floor for an elevator will cost one path block (I hope that makes sense, I can make a forum post explaining it if needed). Please also note that path blocks cannot be silk touched and so if you place it by accident you won't be able to get it back and will have to buy another.

Update the Second - Changes have been made to the economy on SMP so that more money can be made from /sellhand (64 netherrack - $4, 64 cobble/stone - $5, 64 gravel - $8, 64 logs - $20, 64 iron/gold/lapis - $50, 64 emerald - $60, 64 diamond - $100). As before, these are subject to change as necessary which includes adding certain blocks to the sellhand list to make it slightly more useful (not full /sellhand though) so feel free to suggest any below, although it's not garunteed that they will get added for the moment. As before the best way to buy/sell is to make a chest shop or auction. I'll include a link to the market advertisements thread below to help out. With this the CE shop is reopen in the building next to the houses outside of the market where select CEs can be bought. Extra money-making and cash-spending methods will be added with the next update, however that's spoilers for the moment. A lottery will be readded in the coming days after the plugin broke.

Market Advertisement

Update the Third (and final for now) - Dungeons!!! Yes, they are finally being released (mostly)! 4/5 of the dungeons are now open with the 5th to come soon, after we have finished testing it. To access the dungeons use /warp raidhub and choose which dungeon you want to tackle, bear in mind that there is a $ cost to get to the dungeons, although you can get money back from killing the mobs so this should be offset. You'll then be teleported to the prep room where you can organise your items and heal yourself if absolutely necessary (if you heal yourself make sure to reapply and CEs as the effects will be wiped). You've been very patient with us about this but after months of building and 2,262 lines of custom written config (that's a very large amount btw) you can now use them! Enjoy! :-)


The Land of Streams!

SynisterSavior ElderCom Mgr posted Jan 16, 17

Greetings Brothercraftians!!


After some discussion with Skegs about building our online presence, we have decided that we’ll be creating something I like to term “Brothercraft’s Stream Team.”


As part of my role as Community Manager, I am beginning to push the expansion of our online presence, starting with our very own Twitch channel, and a dedicated team of regular livestreamers to produce interesting content. We will be streaming a number of co-op games to the channel, as well as some single player ones too.


If this sounds like something you’re interested in doing, and you believe you’ll be able to help us, then fill out an application form by following this link:


When filling out the form, please make sure every question is answered correctly and truthfully as you can’t edit it once you’re done.


After completing the form, you will be contacted by your preferred contact method (which you’ll be asked for in the form) to discuss the next steps of the application process.


Good luck to everyone who applies,


Syn & Skegs

[Veteran] coolcats91 Elder brilliant idea

New Spawn on CMP!!!

Skegnas48 a posted Jan 14, 17

After longer than I would like to admit of building, we have finally got a proper spawn for CMP!!! After a lot of hard work by much of the build team and staff over the last few months we have an awesome, creative inspiring spawn to go along with the server. With that we have a proper warp info and warp ranks (which are in the same place) to explain to new players how the server works as well as a warp staff as on SMP. There are also warp signs at the docks to get to the warp builds as an added feature and the scaffolding at the back of the spawn adds as a mini parkour course whilst we sort out the building that will go there.

I should also mention that it isn't fully finished yet so you have more cool buildings to look forward to, but we wanted to get it out sooner rather than later and have adapted the build as a whole putting in the truly essential parts. So do bear with us if you feel some bits could be better, the liklihood is that over time they will.

So I hope you like it and if you do make sure to tell the builders (a full list of builders can be found in the Barracks)! I'll put a picture below in case you can't make it online to see or didn't see the tweet about it :-)

~Skegs c-:

New CMP Spawn

Build Comp Winners!

Skegnas48 a posted Jan 5, 17

Hey Folks,

The winners of the Christmas/Birthday build competition have been decided and congratulations to:

1st Place. Ren3697 - Steam Game

2nd Place. King_Lemon & Happyhunter123 - 20% off  coupon for website stores

Make sure to check out the builds if you can, they're pretty awesome.

~Skegs :-)

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