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Skegnas48 a posted Mon at 17:17

Hey folks,

Big thanks to everyone that voted on the polls that have been up on the website for the last 2 weeks about a world reset on SMP and potential SMP revamp (and how much of a revamp you'd want). The results are in and it seems that the majority of people want a world reset with some more major changese to SMP gameplay (the core gameplay of the server will still be survival, we won't be going crazy!).

I'm currently not going to release when any changes will be happening because I don't want to box staff in with a window that we can't meet if something isn't ready in time. So for the moment SMP will be staying as it is so do play on it still (there will be no changes within the next week or probably 2 for definite). Along with the world reset we'll be doing a rank reset as well (we have a list of donors, don't worry) as it's been about 2 years, if not longer, since they were introduced.

As for 1.12, we'll try to get that sorted at the same time but a lot of well known and relied upon plugins (for many servers, not just BC) are having issues after being updated to 1.12, so I will only be updating to the next minecraft version if I think it will be safe for player data and the server.

Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything but if there are any questions then feel free to ask in the comments below.

As one last thing, we will be revamping CMP next (though probably without the world reset) ;-)


Build Competition Results!

Ren3697 a posted Jun 7, 17

The long awaited result of the surprise buildcontest are...

***Drum roll please***

1st: Happyhunter123 - Steam game
2nd: Skegnas48 - Two from: a pet, particle or emote (on server of choice)
3rd: BL0ckWArri0r and TheThubGoof - a pet, particle or emote each (on the server of choice)

Do go and check out the builds if you can, they were 11/10.

Thanks all for taking part <3

SMP, CMP and a world!

Skegnas48 a posted Jun 5, 17

Hey folks,

Some updates to make you aware of:

1. An SMP world reset poll is up on the right side of the homepage just above the YouTube icon. Please vote on this and let us know if you would like a world reset!

2. I have posted a thread in the forums about potential revamp to SMP, please take the time to read it over and vote on the poll, it is very important! c-:

3. Things seem very SMP-centric today on the website, so I wanted to just announce that we are looking into changing up the ranks on CMP. This is really, really early at this point (as in Ren and I came up with an idea yesterday), so don't expect anything really soon but just to show that we love you too, CMP.

4. We'll now be allowing certain emoji images in tags, check out the forums to see!

~Skegs :-)

Englian How about you reset the SMP world when the plugins hit version 1.12., huh?

**21/05/2017 UPDATE: This Comp has been extended until the 5th June**

Basically, was having a gander today and only like 1/3rd of you are anywhere near completion. Get your act together guys.

I have one more thing to try and motivate you: There will be prizes for top 3 builds. One may be a game. Who knows, really? Well I do but thats not really the point here. Just finish your builds.

Surprise Build Comp!

Starts: Tuesday the 9th May
Ends: Sunday the 21st May

Theme: National Identity/Culture

Can be undertaken in pairs or as a single pringle

(Plots are 200x200, will start off with grass floor but if you ask nicely I can change that for you but I will only do this *once* per plot.)

Hello, Hello, Hello fellow Brothercraftians!

I ken, I ken: "Ren, you're especially jovial today, this is strange. Please stop. I don't like it."

Well, in light of the fact that I am now officially free from exams for the summer (In your face everyone else, I win, nahnahnahanahnah) and the great mood it's put me in I have been persuaded by some members of the community to hold a last minute CMP build competition!

So, starting tomorrow (Tuesday 9th of May) you have ~2 week to build something surrounding the theme of your nationality!

As a more internationally-friendly way of celebrating Europe Day I want to know what makes you proud to be -insert nationality here-, I want to feel your patriotism seeping from every block you place, I want to be smacked in the face by the pride you have for your country and the love you have for your people. Any Brexit jokes will result in an automatic disqualification and I will kill you <3

Now, this is a pairs competition, and you can choose your pairs (I ken I joked about choosing for you but that's effort.) however if you want to take this on as a solo mission you do that. (Also Block, Thub you can pair together but I'll be judging you more harshly - I mean same goes for all BT ;) I'm not mean I'm fair.)

To enter, all you need to do is drop me a message either in game or on here (or just pop a comment on this post) telling me your pair and the nationality you are representing and I'll give you a plot.

It'll probably be Syn and I judging (So if you want to pander to the Brits go ahead... I mean not if you're not British... That wouldn't be *your* nationality... but still, giving us some tea and caek as I oversee may not go the wrong way ;) I mean... bribery is wrong, and you can't bribe SAs/CMs)

Also Keagie said he may join, so bug him about it if he's on - I wanna see the owner build. (Although he is busy with exams do don't bug him too much. That's my job.) (You can't just build a sheep Skegs, that's unoriginal. I want at least a popty ping and an ambiwlans. If we're lucky we may even see an in-game rendition of Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch. I'm counting on you Keagie. Blow me away.)

#Freeeedoooommmmm #ScotlandRules #WalesSucks #Don'tBanMePlsSkegs


Scottish lesson of the day: Ken = Know (I had to put this in here because Skegs told me off)

Skegnas48 a Good news! I have twisted Ren's arm so that staff can use worldedit to get in the w/e custom blocks (i.e. 6 sided l...
Brother_Oscar I'll take part as a pair if one of the other Americans wishes to do so.

Quick Update

Skegnas48 a posted May 5, 17

Hey folks,

Just a quick update to reiterate why things haven't really been happening recently and to let you all know who you need to take all of your issues to!

As with many of you, a lot of the staff are in the midst of exams, particularly the upper staff (Super Admins) and myself. That means that things can't really be added or changed server-side for the time being. However, we have some cool ideas up our sleeves for after exams, so don't worry!

Finally, I just wanted to mention that as I am currently sitting my university exams as well, I won't be able to put the server first. Therefore, staff have had a timetable arranged for some time so that things don't get borkeded too much. So until the 9th May (next Tuesday), Monkey will be the go to person if everything breaks and after that until the end of my exams about 10 days later, Ren will be the go to person if the server becomes sentient and tries to take over the world. Of course, that doesn't mean that these are the first people you should go to if you have a problem or need help, the rest of staff are always happy to help and if they can't then a message will be passed on to someone who can as always. :-)

Good luck to everyone sitting exams,

~Skegs c-:

Ren3697 a The real question is, how do you know I'll try and stop a sentient server? Maybe I'll just recruit it and we&#...

Hey guys and gals, It’s Monkeh here. I’m just here to be that person and remind everyone to be safe online. That goes for those young beautiful monkeys and old lazy sheep. Never give out personal information to someone you don’t know.

In addition you should never share your minecraft account password with anyone, One for the account’s security, and two most servers won’t unban you just because “My friend was on my account when that happened, it wasn’t me” so be safe and keep your accounts secure.

Going along with that you shouldn’t give out information like full names or addresses to people you don’t know, and NEVER agree to meet someone you don’t know regardless of who they claim to be. And when giving out emails, Skypes or other social media (Facebook is boring anyways) make sure it is someone you trust with whatever information is available through those, time zones, ages, cities, and even phone numbers can be public even on skype if you have it set that way! So be sure to check your privacy settings on all social platforms.

TL;DR: Make sure to be smart online and not give out personal information to people.


One last thing. We here at the staff are aware that people are not always as they seem (Skegs isn’t a real sheep). If you are having issues whether that be at home, school, or personal issues with your identity, self esteem or otherwise we encourage you to find a close friend or family member to confide in and talk to about what is going on in your life and what troubles you, there are also multiple free call help hotlines to help people who are going through hardships in their lives, which I will list below for those who are interested.

Alternatively if you feel there is absolutely no one for you to go to we at the Brothercraft staff team are here for you. Below will be listed direct contact information and names for anyone in need of help. Do not feel obligated to add or talk to us, but you are free to for anything (We are pretty cool people). All conversations will stay completely confidential between you and the staff member (Unless you wanna post a funny comment we make on twitter) however, your first port of call should be a trusted friend or family member if at all possible.

TL;DR: If you need help talk to a friend or family member, call a help hotline or talk to us, we are here for you. (see contact info below).



Monkeh: Daniel - Skype: ZeeMonkeyKing

Ren: Lauren - Skype: Ren3697mc

Skegs: Keagan - Message on website

Hera: Nessa, Trans - Skype: aaron.hill5428

Note - While we do have contact information listed above, we have taken measures to minimize our personal risk. We at brothercraft staff still do not encourage giving out personal or contact information to untrusted individuals or groups.

Below are contact resources for thoughs dealing with hardships, most are for US and UK citizens, to find help centers for your country follow the instructions below.

Website with list of hotlines, including bullying, depression, mental health, suicide and grief/loss hotlines to help

- - Mostly US

- - Mostly UK

-For countries not on these lists google "Help Hotlines" to find a hotline in your country or search "-your hardship- help centers"


Resources I want to bring special attention to are:

National Emergency Services Number

Your country's emergency services number, such as 911, 999, 000, 112 or others. To find your country's emergency services number google "Emergency Services Telephone Number" to find it.

Bullying UK (UK only)
0808 800 2222
Crisis Call Center (US only)
800-273-8255 or text "ANSWER" to 839863

National Suicide Hotline (US only)
800-SUICIDE (784-2433)
800-442-HOPE (4673)

Trans Lifeline (US & Canada)
U.S.:(877) 565-8860
Canada: (877) 330-6366
This hotline is staffed by volunteers who are all trans identified and educated in the range of difficulties transgender people experience.

LGBT National Youth Talkline (US only)
800-246-PRIDE (7743)
4 p.m. to 12 a.m. EST, Monday to Friday
12 p.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Saturday

jordanacrbutler9 Nonsense! Of course Skeg is a real sheep. Do you take us for fools?
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