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Futher to the last post we have now updated to minecraft version 1.9.2 and the whitelists have been removed. There are a couple of things to note with this update. Firstly, due to the plugins being outdated and abandoned by their respective devs, Modreq and Ranker Stats are no longer a thing on either server. If you need a staff member either message them directly, mail them or message on the website and ranking up through the SMP system will be put on hold until an alternative plugin can be found for logging time and mob kills or an alternative method for ranking up can be found (the stats from before are saved in a config file, don't worry :-P). Secondly, the End WILL NOT BE OFF-LIMITS as I suggested may happen in the comments of the last post. The Elytra will be open to whoever can get a pair and will only be available when dungeons release thereafter.

The question has been touched upon in the comments of the last post. The world has not been changed and is staying as it is for this update, however, the idea had come up in staff for a world reset and was due to be discussed at the next staff meeting but now seems like a good time to look into it. We wanted to get your opinions on this and a poll will be available on the right of the homepage somewhere for you to vote on it and if need be a forum thread can be made for staff and players to discuss it. Many of us are quite well established on the server as it is so the thinking is that a world reset may add another challenge to the survival server.


SynisterSavior Elder I too am torn between reset or not. I like the idea of the reset, but I don't think I'd ever be able to find a...
LuLu I'm torn, resetting the server would make me both sad and excited!
Skegnas48 a I thought I had removed them, try now

Server Issues

Silent_Heart a posted Mon at 6:19

We are aware there have been some... Odd to say the least server issues, the server will be whitelisted for a bit while they are being fixed. Thank you for your patitence. -Silent/Skegs


Due to a very select group of people being very naughty we are unfortunately going to have to update to 1.9 on both servers today. I am genuinely sorry for the short notice and that it is happening because of this. I didn't particularly want to update to 1.9 anytime soon but this is now an essential as it may solve the issues. It may take a few hours to a day to sort this out as well due to life commitments, so until it's done the server will stay whitelisted.

Once again, apologies for the inconvenience


bobcats74 What new stuff is in 1.9 besides shields thats all i know
1337Noooob According to Sheep, the world will remain the same. On the bright side, that means you can keep all your old stuff On ...
bobcats74 Will the world be resetted? or will we be able to start off where we stopped

New Donor Rank and Sale!!

Skegnas48 a posted Apr 22, 16

Hey folks,

One thing we were able to do with the new website was add a new donor rank that effectively combines the top donor rank with the particle and pet master ranks, the VIP rank. We have been asked for some time to add pets to Diamond in particular so now you can, the pricing should allow so if you have a donor tag on the website then you should be able to get the new rank at a discount. Also, to celebrate the new website and donor shops we're going to have a 15% off sale, use code BC2K16 in the shops to apply the coupon!

Happy farming,


CMP Problems

Skegnas48 a posted Apr 20, 16

Hello folks,

It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that CMP died yesterday. We don't know what caused it and I'm afraid I don't think it will be coming back in the form it was. A problem with a config file for one plugin caused an issue with that plugin. When I went to correct the typo in the config file (that by no means should have caused any real issues with the server itself at all) an error occured and we lost all of the config in that file. From there things got worse and we started being unable to start the server up at all and noticed that other config files had been wiped also. We downloaded the worlds and a couple of plugin folders that have databases as we knew that we would most likely have to restore a backup. I have been trying to do this today so far, but I am sorry to say that I am fairly certain the worlds folders have been corrupted and so cannot be restored. The latest backup we have is from the beginning of April and that is what we're going to have to roll back to. I apologise for the great inconvenience this will cause all players on CMP but I am confident there was nothing we could have done to avert the problems last night.

I cannot change what has happened but I can only offer hope that we will be in a better position to deal with it if it happens again. Therefore, starting in May, I will endeavour to take a full backup of both servers at least twice a month to alleviate any inconvenience caused to players from the roll backs if we have to restore a backup again.

See ya on the blocky side,


As many of you have no doubt noticed we were having some issues with the old website. These could not be resolved due to issues contacting people that had the power to fix the problems so we decided it would be best to make this new website for Brothercraft.

What does that mean? Unfortunately this means that everything done and said on the old website is no longer accessible and you will need to register again on this website to access things like the forums. However, this also means that the donor shop is back up and running for anyone who wanted to buy something from there to help support the server. This change does NOT mean that you will be demoted back to Cottager/Wrecker on the servers if you are not registered on this website and it does NOT mean that you have to re-donate to keep a donor rank as the donor ranks were not connected between the server and website. Having said that we do now have tags for donors so if you have bought a donor rank then let a staff member know and a Super Admin/Owner/Website Manager Extraordinaire (Green) can add the appropriate tag to you on here.

In some regards this new website is a new start for Brothercraft. It has been just over a month since Jordan and I took over and a lot of progress has been made. We have introduced plots on CMP, the join IP for the server has been sorted and a whole overhaul of the economy is taking place among lots of other behind the scenes things. There is a lot still left to with the servers. Most importantly we still need to attract more players to help keep the server going and we still need to restore Brothercraft to the fully friendly and community driven place it has been in the past. It is with you, the community, that we can do this because you are what makes Brothercraft great. So if a new player comes on then talk to them, help them out if they need it and interact with each other on here. We have an amazing opportunity to craft this website alongside the servers, taking into account what both the community and the servers need. With your help I am confident that we can make Brothercraft an amazing place once again.

Happy crafting everyone,

Skegs and Silent :-)

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