Hey folks!!

Since there hasn't been anything on the front page in a little while, I just wanted to put a quick message on here to say that staff are still alive and actively looking after the server so have no fears!!

We are directly contactable through the @Staff handle on our Discord as well as pm through the website so if you need us you know where you can reach us! Don't be afraid to get in contact with one of us if you need anything or if there's an issue with the server, even if that person cannot help you at that moment, they can pass a message on to the rest of staff so it can be sorted.

As mentioned a while ago most of staff are currently sitting exams or have just finished sitting exams and the rest are being all adulty and have jobs now, meaning our time available to be constantly online is a bit laxing at the moment, unfortunately. With the end of exams coming up for the rest of us, you should start to see more of a staff presence coming back online!

Stay tuned too, we have some more announcements coming up in the next couple of weeks :-)


Hey folks!

With the update to 1.12.1 a while ago our ticketing system on the servers - ModReq - borked. So, to replace it we've created a website-based ticketing system that you can use on the website itself or through SMP or CMP so that you can bring up any issues.

To use this service through the servers then use /mr in-game. Then type in the chat (without a command) your ticket subject and after, a description of your issue. An example is shown below - N.B. the ticket did actually go through, ignore the fact it says it didn't! :-P

If your ticket goes through successfully then you'll be notified through email and through a message on the website, you'll get the same when someone is assigned to your ticket and replies to it. If you have any questions then feel free to chuck them down below c-: 


Meekeh_ Just to clarify for those still kind of confused (like I was). You type in chat /mr, after you send it you will be pulle...
Happyhunter123 Does this mean we have to start doing actual work??

Ho ho ho!

MonkeyKing112 a posted Dec 15, 17

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Its that time of year again! The server is celebrating the holidays with a few events sure to fill you up with Holiday Spirit!

Starting tomorrow on 12/12/17 until New Years Day 1/1/18 we will be having a store wide sale on the server! That means 30% off everything in the store, as well all ranks are 50% off!


Of course will also be having our Christmas Build Competion on the CMP Server, scheduled to open on the 15th, stay tuned if that changesTo enter the competition, speak to an Admin or above on the server to enter, they will show you your plot! Side note, we are moving the build competions to a new area, to access the old build competition entries there will be a new warp called /warp LegacyBuildComp. NOTICE: The warps will not change until the Build Competition begins! 

And of course we will have our Christmas Themed Skin Competition! Prepare your skins and be ready to show off your holiday spirit! Stay tuned for the date of the skin competitions judging.

Last but not least Events and Minigames!

We will be hosting Minigames on Mineplex on Wednesday December 20th

In addtion we will have Server Events on brothercraft on Saturday December 23rd

Stay tuned for updates coming this holiday season! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! 


Guess what? It's that time of year, as the scariest time of the year approaches we will be celebrating with a host of events on the server.

That includes a Spoopy Build Competition! From now till Halloween day (October 31st)

An Extra Spoopy Skin Competition (Judged October 29th)

And Various Super Spoopy Events on the server on October 28th and 29th at 8pm UK Time like Scary Staff Search in the halloween maze!

We will see you soon, until then let the Spoopiest win!

Skegnas48 a I just realised - *Spoopy Scary Skeletrons
Meekeh_ Build Competition Judging has been moved to the weekend of Friday the 10th.

Guys! Great news! We are going to have a server event on Team Fortress Two on October 18th (This coming Wednesday) At 10pm UK Time (See Timezones below if you aren't from there)

The Events will take place on Team Fortress Two, find us on the Brothercraft Discord ( to chat and enjoy the games with us! 

Or if you prefer you can watch the events live on our Twitch at!

I hope to see you there!



Pacific Standard Time: 2pm

Centeral Standard Time: 4pm

Eastern Standard Time: 5pm

SynisterSavior ElderCom Mgr Edit to the above post: The twitch channel is

Hey folks,

I come bearing news of the new staffing team and structure following the recent successful recruitment!



Super Admin












Trial Mod



No doubt some of you will have notice the slight change at the top there. I have decided that the time is right for me to step down as Owner of Brothercraft, although, I don't particularly want this to detract from the achievements of the new and existing staff in this post so I will write my goodbyes in a forum post at some point. Along with this there are some changes to the structure of staffing, Monkey will indeed be your new Owner, but the Super Admins will have more expanded roles to take a lot of the pressure from him, and I have stayed around as SA to help with staffing manpower and to take some of the load off. That means that if you have a problem then PLEASE DO NOT just go straight to Monkey as he might not actually be the person that deals with that problem - speak to ANY staff member and the relevant person will sort it out.

Thank you all for a great time as Owner and make sure to be nice to Monkey, he has done this community a great favour by agreeing to step up to the decision-making position of staff whilst also juggling other aspects of life.

See ya for the last time (sort of), folks!

~Skegs/Sheepy c-:

TheMuhCow Elder *GASP* The sheep is now mortal again
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