December Update!

BL0ckWArri0r posted Dec 25, 18

Happy Holidays, BC!

Last week saw the relaunch of our smp server, which is now running on 1.13.2!

The transition might not have been as smooth as we had hoped for, but the results speak for themselves. Massive thanks to all staff for working so hard and to the community for waiting so patiently! What would this server be without you guys?

Staff is also hard at work polishing the current smp experience by adding a few new plugins such as jobs. Thanks to a new cool plugin it now only requires a third of the server's population to go to bed to pass the night!

The next step is to get cmp into full working order again, running 1.13.2 just like smp.

As a final word I'd like to also tell you that in the coming weeks there will be a short build spotlight, featuring one really cool build from smp, so start juicing those bases of yours whilst you can, because getting featured will earn you a prize (in addition to some hot hot publicity, of course)!

Thanks again guys, I'll see you on the server!

Keep(ing) it classy,


1.13 UPDATE !!!

BL0ckWArri0r posted Nov 17, 18

Hello there!

We've got a big treat for you this time, can you guess what it is?

That's right, you read the title correctly: we're finally updating the server to 1.13 THIS WEEKEND,  so go grab your brothercraft pants and be ready to hop on the servers, 'cause it's gonna be a wild ride!

Moreover, our Build Team has been hard at work on a new spawn for SMP, so be on the lookout for any news about that here on the website and on our twitter.  The  construction site of the new spawn will soon also be made public, so you can always check on its progress when you log on!

And lastly: Shaudono was the first to comment on the last post, and will be receiving a prize of 5 diamonds on SMP as soon as we restart! Stay vigilant and you too can be lucky! :)

Keep it classy!


mdos6 Elder it says im not whitelisted when I try to join ;_;

Ooh! Look at that! I'm making news posts now!

Hey guys, we know it's been a little silent here for a while now, but that's about to change! (ooh I like this font)  Starting now, we'll have a little game here as well: the first person to comment on these news updates will always receive a small prize, so keep vigilant and check often!

Let's get to business.

 Introducing: our new set of reoccurring news shows!

1. Build Tips

  • Helpful little snippets of info regarding building, courtesy of your very own Build Team Head, me!

2. Build Spotlights

  • We'll be going over the servers in search of the greatest, most wonderful builds you guys do!
  • Be ready to step up your building game, because getting featured  will earn you REWARDS!

3. Update Changelogs

  • We're currently working on a lot of exciting stuff to improve the server.
  • Stay tuned to catch the latest of them when you can!

4A Secret Extra-Special Thing

  • be on the lookout for this one, it'll blow your socks off!
  • remember to check back regularly so you don't miss it!

Furthermore, I'd like to inform you guys that the amazing BC staff is doing a  lot of revamping and is working their butts off to ensure a better experience for you, the player, always!

We're also still looking for new staff members so if you feel like you've got what it takes, apply!

Keep it classy guys!

Recruitment 24/7.0!!!

Skegnas48 a posted Jun 16, 18

Hey everyone!

I come bearing tidings of great comfort and joy! (June is nearly Christmas, right?)

To give more players to opportunity to have a greater say in how the servers are run, we are opening recruitment 24/7 instead of the ~6 monthly rotation that we used before! The application form can be found through the server tab -> recruitment tab at the top of the page. Most applications will have a response by the last day of each month although please note that this might take a little longer if staff need extra time to discuss your application or if there is any admin that needs doing behind the scenes.

Please remember to apply for a sensible position (you're not likely to get straight up to SA on your first try without a very good reason, for example ;-) ). Lastly, if you are given an error that you have already submitted an application then please bring this up with staff either in person, through /mr on the servers, or using @Staff on Discord - this is simply because a previous staff application of yours will have to be cancelled to let you apply again.

Hope to see some more of you in staff soon!

~Skegs c-:

SynisterFlufball you Def need staff- never see any on the server....

Hey folks!!

Since there hasn't been anything on the front page in a little while, I just wanted to put a quick message on here to say that staff are still alive and actively looking after the server so have no fears!!

We are directly contactable through the @Staff handle on our Discord as well as pm through the website so if you need us you know where you can reach us! Don't be afraid to get in contact with one of us if you need anything or if there's an issue with the server, even if that person cannot help you at that moment, they can pass a message on to the rest of staff so it can be sorted.

As mentioned a while ago most of staff are currently sitting exams or have just finished sitting exams and the rest are being all adulty and have jobs now, meaning our time available to be constantly online is a bit laxing at the moment, unfortunately. With the end of exams coming up for the rest of us, you should start to see more of a staff presence coming back online!

Stay tuned too, we have some more announcements coming up in the next couple of weeks :-)


Meekeh_ Yes, so sorry for being so hidden, but we are working hard and look forward to the end of hel- FINALS..... yeah, finals

Hey folks!

With the update to 1.12.1 a while ago our ticketing system on the servers - ModReq - borked. So, to replace it we've created a website-based ticketing system that you can use on the website itself or through SMP or CMP so that you can bring up any issues.

To use this service through the servers then use /mr in-game. Then type in the chat (without a command) your ticket subject and after, a description of your issue. An example is shown below - N.B. the ticket did actually go through, ignore the fact it says it didn't! :-P

If your ticket goes through successfully then you'll be notified through email and through a message on the website, you'll get the same when someone is assigned to your ticket and replies to it. If you have any questions then feel free to chuck them down below c-: 


Meekeh_ Just to clarify for those still kind of confused (like I was). You type in chat /mr, after you send it you will be pulle...
Happyhunter123 Does this mean we have to start doing actual work??
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