CMP Revamp!!

By Skegnas48 a - Posted Sep 10, 17

Heya folks,

So with SMP pretty much up and running I thought it should be time to turn our attention to CMP and do a solid revamp on there as well! Therefore I will hopefully be closing CMP some time this week (with any luck tomorrow - 11th) with some new cool plugins allowing builders to build more inventive creations and to allow better player interaction on the server. We will also be completely redoing the CMP ranking system to one that hopefully should be a bit less confusing and offers more flexibility for different building styles and abilities.

There WILL NOT be a world reset for CMP, so don't fret about losing any builds you have already started, but as mentioned there WILL be a rank reset (bar donors on the donor section on the website as with SMP).

To give you a quick rundown of the plugins that should hopefully be making an appearance we have: create custom armour stands (including moving their limbs), placeable secret blocks (such as 6-sided logs and mushroom blocks), editable signs, an in-game banner and dyed leather armour creator, a more robust WorldEdit plugin to hopefully reduce lag when it's used, a decorative head database with over 9,000 heads, particle balloons, parties, friends, the ability to turn online pictures into maps using a command, among a few more!!

The new ranking system will be split between pixel artists and regular builds. The pixel artists will have a ranking system similar to now (without the build checkpoints) where you will need to build a certain sized pixel art to progress to the next rank. There will be more ranks for pixel artists with perks at different times to accommodate the different build style. For regular builds, this will be split into 3 groups. Everyone will go to the Origamist rank where you will need to complete a specific build, staff will then talk with you and take your build into consideration and you'll be put into one of 3 ranking 'streams' - i, ii, and iii. The ranks in these streams will be broadly the same but will have different requirements for ranking up and may have slightly different perks. At certain points you can try and move to a higher stream should you wish but this isn't necessary.

Hopefully I've explained that in an ok manner, but we'll probably put a better explanation on the wiki so don't fret if it doesn't make sense yet. The important part to take away is the awesome new plugins to help you build even more amazing things!!

~Skegs c-:

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