Modreq - The Website Edition!

By Skegnas48 a - Posted Feb 19, 18

Hey folks!

With the update to 1.12.1 a while ago our ticketing system on the servers - ModReq - borked. So, to replace it we've created a website-based ticketing system that you can use on the website itself or through SMP or CMP so that you can bring up any issues.

To use this service through the servers then use /mr in-game. Then type in the chat (without a command) your ticket subject and after, a description of your issue. An example is shown below - N.B. the ticket did actually go through, ignore the fact it says it didn't! :-P

If your ticket goes through successfully then you'll be notified through email and through a message on the website, you'll get the same when someone is assigned to your ticket and replies to it. If you have any questions then feel free to chuck them down below c-: 


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