Oh look nothing's on fire yet!!

By Skegnas48 a - Posted May 20, 18

Hey folks!!

Since there hasn't been anything on the front page in a little while, I just wanted to put a quick message on here to say that staff are still alive and actively looking after the server so have no fears!!

We are directly contactable through the @Staff handle on our Discord as well as pm through the website so if you need us you know where you can reach us! Don't be afraid to get in contact with one of us if you need anything or if there's an issue with the server, even if that person cannot help you at that moment, they can pass a message on to the rest of staff so it can be sorted.

As mentioned a while ago most of staff are currently sitting exams or have just finished sitting exams and the rest are being all adulty and have jobs now, meaning our time available to be constantly online is a bit laxing at the moment, unfortunately. With the end of exams coming up for the rest of us, you should start to see more of a staff presence coming back online!

Stay tuned too, we have some more announcements coming up in the next couple of weeks :-)


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