Recruitment 24/7.0!!!

By Skegnas48 a - Posted Jun 16, 18

Hey everyone!

I come bearing tidings of great comfort and joy! (June is nearly Christmas, right?)

To give more players to opportunity to have a greater say in how the servers are run, we are opening recruitment 24/7 instead of the ~6 monthly rotation that we used before! The application form can be found through the server tab -> recruitment tab at the top of the page. Most applications will have a response by the last day of each month although please note that this might take a little longer if staff need extra time to discuss your application or if there is any admin that needs doing behind the scenes.

Please remember to apply for a sensible position (you're not likely to get straight up to SA on your first try without a very good reason, for example ;-) ). Lastly, if you are given an error that you have already submitted an application then please bring this up with staff either in person, through /mr on the servers, or using @Staff on Discord - this is simply because a previous staff application of yours will have to be cancelled to let you apply again.

Hope to see some more of you in staff soon!

~Skegs c-:

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