November Week 1 Update!

By BL0ckWArri0r - Posted Nov 2, 18

Ooh! Look at that! I'm making news posts now!

Hey guys, we know it's been a little silent here for a while now, but that's about to change! (ooh I like this font)  Starting now, we'll have a little game here as well: the first person to comment on these news updates will always receive a small prize, so keep vigilant and check often!

Let's get to business.

 Introducing: our new set of reoccurring news shows!

1. Build Tips

  • Helpful little snippets of info regarding building, courtesy of your very own Build Team Head, me!

2. Build Spotlights

  • We'll be going over the servers in search of the greatest, most wonderful builds you guys do!
  • Be ready to step up your building game, because getting featured  will earn you REWARDS!

3. Update Changelogs

  • We're currently working on a lot of exciting stuff to improve the server.
  • Stay tuned to catch the latest of them when you can!

4A Secret Extra-Special Thing

  • be on the lookout for this one, it'll blow your socks off!
  • remember to check back regularly so you don't miss it!

Furthermore, I'd like to inform you guys that the amazing BC staff is doing a  lot of revamping and is working their butts off to ensure a better experience for you, the player, always!

We're also still looking for new staff members so if you feel like you've got what it takes, apply!

Keep it classy guys!

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