CMP Revamp Finished

Skegnas48 a posted Sep 13, 17

Hey folks!

Just a quick little message to let you know that the revamp of CMP has been finished and it is now on 1.12.1. The new additions include an overhauled ranking system (explanation coming soon on BC Wiki!) and a plethora of awesome new plugins to help you build a masterpiece! See the previous post for some indications of what to expect on there! c-:

Happy Building!


CMP Revamp!!

Skegnas48 a posted Sep 10, 17

Heya folks,

So with SMP pretty much up and running I thought it should be time to turn our attention to CMP and do a solid revamp on there as well! Therefore I will hopefully be closing CMP some time this week (with any luck tomorrow - 11th) with some new cool plugins allowing builders to build more inventive creations and to allow better player interaction on the server. We will also be completely redoing the CMP ranking system to one that hopefully should be a bit less confusing and offers more flexibility for different building styles and abilities.

There WILL NOT be a world reset for CMP, so don't fret about losing any builds you have already started, but as mentioned there WILL be a rank reset (bar donors on the donor section on the website as with SMP).

To give you a quick rundown of the plugins that should hopefully be making an appearance we have: create custom armour stands (including moving their limbs), placeable secret blocks (such as 6-sided logs and mushroom blocks), editable signs, an in-game banner and dyed leather armour creator, a more robust WorldEdit plugin to hopefully reduce lag when it's used, a decorative head database with over 9,000 heads, particle balloons, parties, friends, the ability to turn online pictures into maps using a command, among a few more!!

The new ranking system will be split between pixel artists and regular builds. The pixel artists will have a ranking system similar to now (without the build checkpoints) where you will need to build a certain sized pixel art to progress to the next rank. There will be more ranks for pixel artists with perks at different times to accommodate the different build style. For regular builds, this will be split into 3 groups. Everyone will go to the Origamist rank where you will need to complete a specific build, staff will then talk with you and take your build into consideration and you'll be put into one of 3 ranking 'streams' - i, ii, and iii. The ranks in these streams will be broadly the same but will have different requirements for ranking up and may have slightly different perks. At certain points you can try and move to a higher stream should you wish but this isn't necessary.

Hopefully I've explained that in an ok manner, but we'll probably put a better explanation on the wiki so don't fret if it doesn't make sense yet. The important part to take away is the awesome new plugins to help you build even more amazing things!!

~Skegs c-:

Greetings Brothercraftians!! It's that magical time once again...

Staff Recruitment is now open!

*Cuts ceremonial ribbon*

You have 2 weeks until midnight (UK time) of September 24th to submit your application. You can find the application form through the Recruitment tab at the top right of the website.

Best of luck!

- Happeh

SMP Re-opening!!!

Skegnas48 a posted Aug 20, 17

The time is here! SMP has now re-opened with a new world, new plugins, and new gameplay features!!

With features such as Towny, Minigames, and a Hardcore world added there should hopefully be a lot to keep you entertained!

Some things to note are some minor bugs (currently afking will cause you to be kicked to the hub when you return - I'm hoping an update to Bungee should fix this) and minor features that haven't yet been implemented (such as /bcbae and survival games) but will hopefully be making appearances in the coming weeks!

Please also note that to keep things fair all kits (except for money kits) will be disabled for 3 weeks so that hopefully some players won't be at much more of an advantage than others at this time.

If you notice anything that's yet to be changed then don't hesitate to tell staff and we'll get it sorted ASAP. Donors if you also contact staff then your ranks will be given back to you as long as we can confirm that you are entitled to it (mostly this will be done through the donor page in the community tab above).

See you all online soon!

~Skegs c-:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Sheep and inferior Species!!!

The time has come!

Appropriate Music (ignore the national anthem...)

I will be looking to close SMP to revamp the server and upgrade to 1.12(.1 hopefully) some time within the next week (not over the weekend don't worry). During this time the server may be down for a couple of days whilst things are ported over and whilst we make sure it works. But during this time CMP and the Hub will both be up and accessible to all players. After the reset CMP these two servers will hopefully be accessible on both 1.11 and 1.12 clients whilst we sort out upgrading CMP, at which time they'll both be upgraded to 1.12 but more about that later down the line.

Due to conflicts with 1.12.1 some features might not be ready for release but these should be relatively minor points if any that won't affect the overall experience

I will make a raffle to pick the 3 initial towny mayors and let them know soon.


~Skegs c-:

Brother_Oscar I personally can't wait to marry a sheep
Happyhunter123 You NEVER ignore the national anthem dear sheepy...

Hey folks!

So you've probably all noticed a lack of reset thus far mostly because it takes time to organise certain parts and one vital plugin still hasn't updated to 1.12 at this point. To make up for that somewhat I thought it would be a good idea to explain what new changes there will be when it does finally happen!

Towny: A brilliant suggestion by Oscar, adding Towny will allow more interaction between players and the possibility of making villages, towns, kingdoms, and nations with their own leaders, mayors, Kings/Queens, and other roles to help support the towns. This will end up being a rank perk but we're thinking that perhaps having a few players that want to own towns and are willing to open them up to all players to kick start the introduction of Towny. We may also have to resort to a raffle if many players want to do this. Have a look here for more info:

New Plugins: We have a number of new plugins that will be added to the server, most are just cool little cosmetic things but a couple of them (like Towny) do change the gameplay aspect of the server. Here are how a few of the plugins work: menu to allow warps to certain areas through 1 command, show items in chat, custom polls in chat set by staff, colour item names in an anvil, teleport a horse with you to avoid those 10,000 block journeys, marriage (pff it looked fun ok), pet blocks (and heads), a replacement for echopets allowing access to all 1.12 mobs, the replacement of chairs with a sit/lay by command, random wild teleport, hotels, among others. 

Rank Changes: There will be a rank reset with this reinvention of SMP given the changes that are being made and the fact that ranks have been kept for at least 2 years now. Donors WILL keep their ranks but there will be a 3 week block on all kits to stop the problems faced in the last reset where some people were able to get diamonds and iron much, much quicker than others, which should make things a bit fairer. There will also be some changes made to obtainable ranks which includes changing the names, adding a few new ranks to help with the addition of Towny, introducing new perks for ranking up from the new plugins, and possibly reducing the requirements for each rank to compensate for higher number of them.

Hardcore: This is one of the bigger changes coming to SMP along with Towny. We'll be opening a hardcore world which will include the Disease and Thirst plugins. Disease and Thirst mean that you will have to contend with illness, injury, and the need to drink in that world only (not in the overworld). This world will be filled with mobs more dangerous than normal mobs to offer a challenge to CE gear, and there would likely be a penalty for dying (such as revoking access to the world again or lose money) although that's yet to be confirmed. This world would also offer the ability to introduce a bit of a storyline to what happened in it, although this may come later down the line, as well as offering the ability to expand this world and bring in new challenges.

Minigames: We'll be looking to add a number of minigames plugins to SMP including: survival games, one in the chamber, football (soccer if you speak Americanese), and spleef. These will hopefully be introduced over time as buidling arenas for them takes a while. Survivalgames, football, and maybe OITC should definitely be ready for the reset if there are no issues with the plugins.

The Fall of BCBot: I've saved the most shocking for last. The demise of BC Bot. Here is some appropriate music to listen to whilst you read. BC Bot has served us all faithfully for the last couple of years and now it is time to hang up the robotic hat and let the new oil take over (get it!? like new blood but for robots! I'm so witty). In loss comes new life, and that new life is BC Bae. With revamped messages, new colours, and a name that truly reflects the bae-ness of and pure love and affection shown towards the automated messages on the server.

That is your general explanation of what's yet to come, there are a couple of other changes that will appear but this post is long enough already. I'm still not going to give a definite date for the reset as there is still work to be done on the server to get ready. We will be taking words of love for BC Bot's obituary in the comments below.

~Skegs :-) 

Meekeh_ colors*
Brother_Oscar If BC-bot is royalty, this should be what is playing for it (him/her/shme?)
Brother_Oscar "marriage".... This oughta be good. I can see the shipping now. single btw
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